Jeff Box

Jeff serves as a pastor to pastors, this includes the entire staff. He also helps mediate when problems arise and helps churches search for new staff members. He is available for pulpit supply.

Aimee McGinnis

Aimee is available to help new Ministry Assistants learn about the job. She helps Ministry Assistants, Pastors, or others who come by the CVBA office with the association’s laminating machine, copiers, folding machine, and just about everything else.

CVBA Office

This building belongs to the churches of the CVBA. Churches have hosted staff meetings away from their campus, held Bible study groups and other group meets in the Resource Center. Out of town pastors come by and study in between appointments.

Copier / Office Equipment

The CVBA Resource Center has copiers and other generally needed office equipment for the use of the member churches.

Av Equipment

A limited number of video equipment (data projectors, screens and media) are available to be checked out.



CVBA Grants

The CVBA currently offers two grants of $250 each to help further the ministry of the area churches. Churches may apply for each grant once in a 12 month period of time. The Evangelism application must be completed in full giving detailed information and submitted to the CVBA within 30 days of the event and the Missions application must be submitted within 60 days of the event. After submitting your application the team responsible for each grant will contact you. There are two options on filling out the applications. You could fill it out online and submit it or download the PDF and fill out the fillable document and submit via email.

Evangelism Grant Online Application

Evangelism Grant Application PDF

Mission Grant Online Application

Mission Grant Application PDF


block party trailer 04 block party trailer 04

Block Party Trailer

Popcorn Machine, Snow Cone Machine, Large Grill with cooking tools, Large Moonjump, Small Moonjump, Carnival Games, Table Games: Dominos-Cards- Etc., 5000/6500 amp Generator, Sound System: 2 microphones-2 microphone stands-2 speakers- Electrical cords, CD & Tape Player, 6 Tables (6’), 12 Folding Chairs, 2 Drink Coolers, 2 Ice Chests, 4 10X10 Canopies, 6 Electrical Cords, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit. You can reserve the block party trailer by clicking hereNOTE: Filling out the block party trailer reservation form does not guarantee a reservation until your request has been processed and have received an email confirmation from Aimee. 

Cargo Trailer

The CVBA Cargo Trailer is available for our churches to check out for trips or local projects. Churches use this trailer to haul their luggage & supplies when they go on mission trips or take group to camp. To reserve the trailer, call the office at 325 653-4898.

Pulpit Supply List

Ministers Who Have Informed the CVBA Office they are Available to Serve as Supply/Interim Pastors:

Name Home Other
Rev. Bill Butts 325-942-6131
Rev. Lee Floyd 325-234-2299 325-949-9636
Rev. Cecil W. Harper 325-617-2160 254-522-5705
Rev. Skip Hill 325-651-9292 325-450-7410
Dr. Larry Howard 325-658-4625
Dr. Kevin McSpadden 325-655-7391
Dr. Travis Monday 325-223-5080 325-947-6870
Rev. Kerry Peacock 325-944-8254 325-949-9850
Rev. Jerry Purkable 325-947-0644
Rev. William Rosser 325-234-5443
Rev. Clarence Smith 325-655-7329
Rev. Jim Wilkerson 325-277-0349
Rev. Greer Willis 325-262-2106
Rev. Claude Wilson 575-491-5566
Rev. Jared Walston
Rev. Allen Norris  325-949-1347
Rev. Larry Sinclair  817-832-2590 817-313-8321
Rev. Morris Johnson  940-963-4380 325-668-8876
Rev. Steve Grimes 512-825-4711
Rev. Ryan Dalgliesh  (AM only) 325-212-2114
Rev. Rex Stephenson 325-212-3702
Rev. Scott Steele 562-665-1349
Rev. Greg Jackson 325-656-4844
Rev. Fred Rike 325-227-5301

Music Supply List

Name Cell Other
Gary Allen 325-226-5551  325-949-4271
Mike Andres 325-340-7466
Jesse Lucas 325-227-9513
Greg Smith 325-340-0481 512-771-5795