Ministry Team Leaders

The CVBA works with ministry teams.  These teams are responsible for seeking God's will in planning events that will help local churches fulfill the Great Commission. These teams are active and strive to be verbs, not nouns. The leaders of our Ministry Teams constitute our Leadership Team. This Team meets about eight (8) times a year plus whenever special events call for special meetings. They lead the association in minisry and administrative matters and make recommendations to the Executive Board. 

Our current list of volunteer leaders are:

Administrative Team - Rev. Jeff Box, CVBA Director

Baptist Student Team - Rev. Lee Floyd, BSM Director, Angelo State University

Evangelism Team - Rev. George Varela, Pastor, Oriente Baptist Church, San Angelo

Finance Team - Dr. Toby Irwin, Pastor, Eola Baptist, Eola

Missions Team - Dr. Mark Shaw, Education/Children, The Heights, San Angelo

Nominating Team - Mrs. Deitra McCleery, Member, Calvary Baptist, San Angelo

Pastoral Care Team - Dr. Bobby Roger, Pastor, Calvary Baptist, San Angelo

Senior Adult Team - Mrs. Karen Cross, Member, College Hills Baptist, San Angelo

Youth Team - Rev. Travis Garcia, Southland Baptist, San Angelo