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Giving above and beyond

Individuals sometimes feel compelled to support a specific ministry of the CVBA (i.e., Evangelism, Missions, Scholarships for Ministerial staff and Ministry Assistants, Pastoral Care, Senior Adults). These ministries involve and support all of our CVBA churches. The CVBA will be honored to accept donations for these ministries, only above your normal tithe to your local church.

The majority of our financial support comes from the local churches in the Concho Valley as well as other administrative opportunities.  If you are looking for a non-profit to support above and beyond your local church, please consider the CVBA.  We welcome any gifts, for some ideas, see below.

The CVBA is a non-profit 501(c)(3), registered in the State of Texas, all gifts made to the CVBA should be tax-deductible, please consult your financial advisor for any questions or clarifications.

Bereavement / Legacy

We invite you to leave a legacy with the CVBA.  As you enter the Kingdom, you can leave a lasting mark with the churches of the Concho Valley.


Please consider inviting your friends and loved ones to give a gift to the CVBA in lieu of flowers


If you are interested in leaving part of your estate to the CVBA, please contact us below.



Any cash donations should be made either through your local church or at our offices at 825 N Main St, San Angelo, TX 76903.  Please do not send cash via the US Postal Service.


Any donations via check are welcome, please mail them to:

825 N Main Street
San Angelo, TX 76903

Credit Card / Debit Card

To give via Credit Card or Debit Card, please fill out the form below.

Direct Deposit

If you would like to give via Direct Deposit, please contact us.

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Property / Stock / Bonds / Other

The CVBA is able to accept other types of gifts, please contact Aimee McGinnis at (325) 653-4898 to discuss how to give.