Pulpit Supply List

We know that things happen, sickness, exhaustion, or you just need a break. Check out our list below for some local preachers who would love to fill in for you.

Individuals willing to serve in interim capacities are indicated by a red star next to their name

Rev. Bill Butts

phone: 325-942-6131

Rev. Lee Floyd

phone: 325-234-2299
other: 325-949-9636

Dr. Larry Howard

phone: 325-658-4625

Dr. Kevin McSpadden

phone: 325-655-7391

Dr. Travis Monday

phone: 325-223-5080
other: 325-947-6870

Rev. Kerry Peacock

phone: 325-944-8254
other: 325-949-9850

Rev. William Rosser

phone: 325-234-5443

Rev. Rex Stephenson

phone: 325-617-2160
other: 254-522-5705

Rev. Scott Steele

phone: 325-212-3702

Rev. Greg Jackson

phone: 325-656-4844

Rev. Fred Rike

Phone: 325-227-5301

Dr. Frankie Rainey

Contact: 817-999-1109

Rev. Philip Givens

Contact: 325-262-6286