¨ Mark Shaw and family in the passing of his wife, Sharon, on Monday 4/22

¨ Jeff Box, rest and recovery

¨ Rev. Mark McBride (FBC-EL), wife, Debbie, health/medication issue

Rev. Randy Bush (Harris Avenue), surgery 5/22, hiatal hernia/esophageal repair (Austin)

¨ Unspoken needs throughout our CVBA family

¨ Dove Creek property – Future of The Four56

¨ Sonora Community, FBC Sonora, Primera Iglesia, continued recovery

¨ Pastorless churches in CVBA – Eola, Community (Eldorado), Lighthouse (Sonora)

¨ All CVBA churches, pastors, staff

¨ Schools, teachers and administrators

¨ President Trump, cabinet and all government – federal, state and local


For Prayer Requests, contact the CVBA Center at 325-653-4898