Bobby Roger (Calvary) in the loss of his brother, Bill Roger
JD Denman and his wife Megan (Immanuel) in the loss of her father, Roger Underwood
Ed Geron in the loss of his wife, Vita
Gloria Mata, wife of Lupe Mata, Oasis, breast cancer – surgery successful – preventive chemo/radiation now
Sonora Community, FBC Sonora, Primera Iglesia, damage from flooding, CVBA churches helping
Linda Miller (wife of James Miller, The Heights) multiple health issues
Kim Roger (wife of Bobby Roger, Calvary) medical appts, travel
Ron Linebarger (former Pastor, Eola) mother (94 years old), invasive lung cancer tumor, limited radiation
Pastorless churches in CVBA – Eola, Community (EL), FBC SA, Primera (SO), Lighthouse (SO)
All CVBA churches, pastors, staff
Schools, teachers and administrators
President Trump, cabinet and all government – federal, state and local

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