We had about 70 Special Needs guests attend, along with their caretakers/parents.  The ladies were all treated to a hair and makeup appointment before entering in on the red carpet.  The men all received shoe shines.  We had 10 golf cart drivers who carried people back and forth.  Each special guest had an appointed buddy that stayed with them the whole night.

There were games, music, dancing, and lot and lots of food.  The caretakers/parents were entertained my Clifton Jansky and Brad Winchester.  Everyone came to the stables for the final hour where I shared the gospel and the special guests were crowned as King and Queen of Night to Shine.

We had around 150 volunteers who worked at some point from midnight, the night before, and through about 11:30 on Friday night.

Our goal next year is to have 200 Special Needs guests.  We have reserved the McNeese Convention Center of Feb. 7, 2020 for the next Night to Shine.   If we have this many guests show up, we will need around 350 workers.  God blessed this night in a powerfully exciting way.  We believe next year will be even greater!