There are some amazing people working in our churches, and we would like to honor them for their service!

Brad Winchester, Pastor, Grape Creek-27 yrs

Dr. Bobby Roger, Pastor, Calvary-18 yrs

Tonya Oaks, Children’s Dir., Glen Meadows-17 yrs

Oberlin Rojas, Pastor-Local Missions, PaulAnn-15 yrs

Kyla Gust, Ministry Assistant, Edmund Blvd-10 yrs

Sean Guttierez, Graphic/Video Design, PaulAnn-10 yrs

Mac McCarson, Finance Director, FBC San Angelo-6 yrs

David/Janet Bingham, Youth Ministers, Belmore-4 yrs

Jeana Wollman, Pastor’s MA, Glen Meadows-4 yrs

Amanda Cuellar, Finance MA, PaulAnn-3 yrs

Morris Elliott, Custodian, PaulAnn-3 yrs

Dusty/Cindy Lilley, Custodians, Belmore-3 yrs

Youngii Park, Pastor, Korean Baptist of San Angelo-2 yrs

Mark/Sharon Shaw, Min. Edu/Children, The Heights-2 yrs

Maggie Gonzales, Ministry Assistant, College Hills-1 yr

*Churches, let us know about YOUR staff!