There are some amazing people working in our churches, and we would like to honor them for their service!

Rocky Stone, FBC San Angelo, Bldg Engineer – 31 years
Neil Conner, Belmore, Music Minister/Assoc Pastor – 14 years
Rudy Casteneda, Grape Creek, Music Minister – 13 years
John/Gloria Pope, Galilee, Pastor – 8 years
Ana Fellers, Immanuel, PT Custodial – 6 years
Christy Jones, Glen Meadows, Children’s SS Dir – 3 years
Lawrence Siercks, PaulAnn, Production Team Intern – 3 years
Monica Salazar Flores, PaulAnn, Ministry Assistant – 2 years
Wendy Moon, PaulAnn, Ministry Assistant – 2 years
Tony Gonzales, PaulAnn, Custodial – 2 years
Heidi Williams, FBC Ozona, Nursery Coordinator – 2 years

Help us keep our records updated! Please send an updated list of your church staff with their title and year they were hired. Thank you!!