CVBA Ministry Anniversaries

Eugene Hood, Custodian FBC Ozona 39 years
Becky Powers, Pastor’s MA, FBC San Angelo 16 years
Brian Hutchinson, High School Pastor, PaulAnn 16 years
Philip Cross, Education/Children, College Hills 12 years
Janet Faulkner, Pianist, FBC San Angelo 9 years
Betty James, Receptionist, Immanuel 9 years
Cheryl Horton, MA Backup, Belmore 7 years
Tommy Richardson, Pastor, Immanuel 7 years
William Cheney, Facilities Supervisor, PaulAnn 6 years
Tony Valdez, Pastor, Edmund Blvd 6 years
Kasey Scott, Youth Intern, PaulAnn 5 years
Kimberly Lewis, Treasurer, Galilee 3 years
Will Sherman, Min. Worship/Students, The Heights 3 years

There are some amazing people working in our churches, and we would like to honor them for their service!

Help us keep our records updated!
Please send an updated list of your church staff with their title and year they were hired. Thank you!!