Thirty times in the New Testament we are encouraged to remember something. The words and actions of Christ, actions of both Old and New Testament figures. Remember Paul’s teachings and actions. There is much we are encouraged to be remember and be mindful of.

We are never encouraged to remember Christ’s Birthday. Christ was probably born in the spring. So we are celebrating an event that we are not told to remember on a date that was set in order to help new converts fight off the temptation of their formal lifestyle.

I love celebrating Christ’s Birthday! I love celebrating my children’s birthdays, my wife’s. Celebrating a birthday is to remember the God-given gift of life. Our lives were created on purpose with a purpose by God Himself.

No greater purpose was given an individual than what was given Christ. He came to carry the burden of my rebellion against God, on His shoulders, to a wooden cross and a borrowed tomb. When I celebrate His birth, I remember and celebrate the reason He was born. This season may you realize that YOU are the reason He came.

YOU are the reason for the season, the reason He came. May you know this babe in a manager in a personal and intimate way. May the Holy Spirit dwell in you. May the power of the Almighty God empower you to fulfill your God assigned purpose.

Thank you the wonderful gift of allowing me to work beside you in building God’s Kingdom for His Glory daily.

In His Grace and Grip,