Registration begins August 6 Classes resume August 28

As our team continues to grow, so do our programs. Although our primary concentration is on serving the unemployed and the underemployed, all are welcome. One of the recent changes made by the CJC Advisory Council is to lower the entry age from 18 to age 16. Course offerings for August mini-semester are as follows:

❑ Jobs for Life
❑ Character in the Workplace
❑ English as a Second Language❑ Managing your Money
❑ Communication
❑ Computer
❑ Stewarding your Resources
❑ Tips for Wellness
❑ GED Prep
❑ Christian Discipleship

The courses offered by Christian Job Corps are taught by either certified instructors or proven professionals in their field of study.

A mentor is assigned to each Learner to support and encourage them on their path to success.

Learners enrolling should expect to attend all classes, complete all lessons and participate fully. Fees are nominal depending on the course.

For more information contact: 325-653-0706.

Give today and provide learners access to needed skills.